Heart disease continues to be the leading cause of death in the U.S.
The emphasis of the Healthy Heart program is to focus on eliminating risk factors and conducting testing for early biomarkers like lipids, inflammation and metabolic markers and cardiovascular genetics.



Improving brain functioning through personalized physical exercise and targetedneurocognitive training. Imagine if you went to visit your doctor and instead of prescribing a long list of medications with hefty side effects to help your brain health condition, you got a prescription for exercise. This is now becoming common practice in doctor’s offices all over the world.



Achieve a healthier lifestyle and a promising future. Our customized health and wellness basic prevention program helps our health care participants embrace their strengths, heal their bodies, and create lifelong lasting, positive changes.Your health habits, dietary history, medical and family history, medications and supplements and review of systems will be evaluated. Laboratory testing of complete metabolic panel, lipid panel, liver function, thyroid, complete blood count (CBC), and inflammation marker (hsCRP) is requested. Additional tests of hormones is required for the male and female programs.



The goal of longevity is not to live forever but to have quality and vitality as we age and
enjoy the gifts that life has blessed us – family, friendships and nature.

This program will identify the vital hormones and nutrients your body is lacking and customize a treatment program to restore them. Our team will also educate you on food choices, intermittent fasting, physical activities with the right intensity, relaxation techniques, adequate sleep and ways to activate the natural process of nutrient homeostasis that promotes regenerative and rejuvenative changes at the cellular level. Specialized testing on genetic, epigenetic (modification of gene expression) and telomere measurement are available. The rate at which telomeres shorten is accelerated by inflammation, oxidative stress, nutritional deficiencies, obesity, and other lifestyle habits.

Invest in your health as “health is wealth”.
“The Longevity Diet” by Dr. Valter Longo, PhD.



Andropause is the gradual decline in androgenic hormones and especially testosterone levels in middle-aged men, often accompanied by physiologic changes such as fatigue, decreased energy, loss of muscle strength and bone density and libido. Approximately 30% of men in their 50s will experience symptoms of male menopause which can cause physical, sexual, and psychological symptoms of depression, decreased motivation and self-confidence, difficulty concentration and sleeping. Blood test can measure your free and total testosterone, estrogen, DHEAS levels and PSA if there is family history of prostate cancer. Treatment will be individualized for you and will include hormone replacement, healthy diet, supplements, regular physical activities, adequate sleep and stress management. Dr. Abraham Morgentaler’s book “Testosterone For Life” is an excellent read for those interested in
the topic.



A healthy gut impacts everything from mood and behavior, to memory and overall mental health. Good digestion is vital for absorption of nutrients. The gut has many neural receptors and is often called the “second brain”. Emotions also influence digestion and mindfulness during meal times with cheerful conversations will aid digestion. We recommend slow sips of water, tea, or wine with meals and remember to chew your food as digestion begins in the mouth.
There are several GI panels to evaluate digestion, absorption, gut flora, and the colonic environment -microbiome, along with a microscopic examination of parasites. Special laboratory profiles are indicated for all chronic GI problems, for acute bowel patternchanges and for many systemic diseases and provide a sensitivity panel for treating pathogenic flora.



The healthy & slim program is tailored to meet your health condition and goals under the supervision and guidance of the doctor and nutritionist.
Bio-electrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) is a method of assessing your body composition: the measurement of body fat in relationship to lean body mass. Research has shown that body composition is directly related to health and is an integral part of fitness and nutrition assessment. Analysis of your food journal will assist in determining what food group and selection is best suited for your lifestyle. Specific blood test can determine if your hormones (thyroid, adrenals) is affecting your metabolism.
Food shopping and meal planning services are available to fit your budget and preparing healthy tasty meals at home.