All Team

Dr. David Wong

Integrative Wellness Physician

David Y. Wong, M.D., graduate of Loma Linda University Medical School, is a pioneer in the
field of Integrative Medicine.
He and Dr. Philip B. Hanisch co-founded the Health
Integration Center in 1978 in Torrance. The Center offers a wide range of wellness

Dr .Deborah Maken

Dr. Deborah Maken

Naturopathic Doctor

Dr .Deborah Maken treats both acute and chronic conditions with traditional medicines and conventional scientific approaches. She utilizes Traditional Western and Chinese Medicine treatments that have been used successfully to resolve dysfunction for thousands of years.

Dr. Ozawa

Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Ozawa treats his health participants on scientific knowledge and clinical experience. The
goal is to minimize the use of prescription drugs to reduce strain on the body and to avoid
side effects. It’s an entirely holistic approach to treat physical symptoms as well as mental
well being.

Robert Scherzinger

Structural Integration

Robert carefully and systematically manipulates the
muscle and connective tissue system of the body, known as fascia, in order to align your
body toward balance, release body stress, and enhance the proper physiological function of
all systems.

Sabrina Magno

Certified Nutritionist, Lactation Educator & Therapist Practitioner

Sabrina is a certified nutritionist, lactation educator, First Line Therapist practitioner, and an
activist for food diversity, sustainability, and the environment.

Paul Schenck

HeartMath Coach

Executive Founding Member of the Health Integration Center since 1978, Paul has served
in many positions with many talents and skills, including as designer and supervising builder
of our green, eco friendly offices in our new location in 2010.

Kazuyo “Kat” Sato

Office Manager & certified medical insurance coder
Kat is a certified coder, working in the healthcare industry since 2009, and joined the Health Integration Center in 2011. She has a BA in English literature and is bilingual in English and Japanese. She is a physical enthusiast and…

Christianne Aguilar

Medical Assistant

Christianne is a certified medical assistant since 2005 and completed her venipuncture certification in the same year. She joined the Health Integration Center with over 12 years of experience in the medical field. She is passionate about holistic approach to health and helping others to live a healthy lifestyle.