Structural Integration

Robert carefully and systematically manipulates the muscle and connective tissue system of the body, known as fascia, in order to align your
body toward balance, release body stress, and enhance the proper physiological function of all systems.

Fascia is the organ of movement which wraps around, binds and suspends bones, muscles,
and organs. Robert works with the fascia system of the body in order to enhance structural
alignment and comfortable function of the body.

This work directly addresses the autonomic nervous system to disconnect the cycle of
emotionally charged muscle memory that otherwise would continue to trigger pain.In many
cases, this work replaces surgeries such as knee and hip replacement, and even sinus
surgery. The International Congress on Fascia
Research is documenting the far-reaching health benefits of structural integration.
“Hellerwork” Structural Integration is known for its gentle approach. The complete
prearranged process requires twelve or more sessions; however, one session is better than

Movement education and emotional association is included in order to continue shedding
stress during your daily activities. With easy-to-learn movement techniques, you can
more efficient and graceful ways to move in daily life.

Robert assists you to discover your natural artistry of fluid movement and relaxed
confidence. This movement awareness technique also continues the shedding of stress
from your body during your daily activities, leaving you refreshed by the end of the day.

Robert Scherzinger is certified by the California state approved Hellerwork Training of
structural integration and movement education, featuring the development of energy
awareness and client empowerment. Robert has achieved the mastery of this technique
through intensive training in 1979/80, and by concentrated application since.
By active participation in continuing education programs and workshops, he maintains state
of the art skills in structural integration and functional movement education. Robert joined
the Health Integration Center in 1982. Robert is currently President Emeritus of the
Hellerwork International Board of Managers and holds membership in the following
-International Association of Structural Integrators
-American Hellerwork Structural Integration Association
-Guild for Structural Integration
-Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals

Memberships & Certifications
  • International Association of Structural Integrators
  • American Hellerwork Structural Integration Association
  • Guild for Structural Integration
  • Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals
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