Integrative Wellness Physician

After two years of practice in a clinic, I realized that to effectively change people’s health
habits and lifestyle, I need time to educate and encourage them which is difficult to achieve
in the typical 15 minutes office visits. They also need to be active participants in their health
quest and make fundamental changes in their nutrition, attitudes, stress management, and
physical activities. I chose the term “health participants”rather than calling them
“patients”. It is essential that they are willing to love themselves enough to transform their
lives with natural healing modalities that promote the body’s innate ability to heal and
balance itself rather than just treating symptoms.

David Y. Wong, M.D., graduate of Loma Linda University Medical School, is a pioneer in the
field of Integrative Medicine. He and Dr. Philip B. Hanisch co-founded the Health
Integration Center in 1978 in Torrance. The Center offers a wide range of wellness
programs that include preventative healthcare and education, naturopathy, acupuncture,
nutrition, energy healing, various structural therapies, bio-identical hormone replacement for
men and women and longevity programs. He conducts workshops on lifestyle, wellness
and longevity for health professionals and the general public. He has lectured
internationally on wellness and the design of holistic medical spa programs. His book,
Healing What Hurts, was published in 2007.


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